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Chair:  Rev. Dr. Juanita Brower
Co-Chair: Rev. Eloisa Brown
Focuses on planning events for the celebration of the anniversaries of the Senior Pastor and the Church.
Christian Education
Chair: Rev. Richard Kenner
Co-Chair: Dea. Reginald Howard
Assists the Pastor in structuring discipleship training and oversees the Sunday School Staff training.
Chair: Dea. Fredericka Jackson
Preparation of food for fellowships and repasts as needed for the church.
Chair: Dea. Early Taylor
Co-Chair: Dea. Leonie Bond
Assists the Pastor in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation.
Chair: Dea. Ruth Gardner
Co-Chair: Sis. Sandy Scott
Assists the ushers in greeting members and visitors prior to and during Worship Services.
Chair: Sis. Dorothy Jackson
Co-Chair:  Sis. Felecia Wheaton
Educates the congregation and the community in the importance of maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.
Children of Promise Christian Academy
Principal Diane W. Thomas
Our mission is provide a student centered Christian environment where children are nutured, taught, and empowered for the building of God's kingdom
.  Learn More>>

Congregation and Community Care
Chair: Dea. Katherine Spencer
Care for others in the church and community; and make a difference in someone's life.

Chair: Dea. Early Taylor
Focuses on spiritual enhancement for the men and the maturation of the male youths of the Church.
Chair: Dea. Shirley Marshall
Ministers locally, nationally, and internationally in seeking the salvation for the lost, healing to the sick, visitations to the imprisoned, clothing to the naked, and feeding to the hungry.
Chair: Rev. Juanita Brower
Assists the Pastor in the development and promotion of the glorification of God through instrument, song and dance for the body of Christ. 
Pastor's Love Club
Chair: Sis. Doretha Barbar
Identifies the superficial needs (liquid refreshment, towels, robe cleaning, ect) of the Pastor, his/her family and ministers.
Chairs: Trus. Frank & Rev. Eloisa Brown
Helps couples build Christ-centered marriages that will Last a Lifetime, be a Light to the World, and Leave a Legacy for future generations.
Chair: Assistant Pastor
Rev. Juanita D.M. Brower
Provides for the spiritual immobilization and enrichment of the adult women and maturity in the young ladies of the Church.
Agape Mission House
Chair: Dea. Shirley L. Marshall, B.S.
 This ministry feeds and clothes the local community. Learn More>>

Chair: Dea. Jeannette Higginbotham
Co-Chair:  Dea. Shirley Marshall
Coordinates credible missions, classes, events, and opportunities benefiting the spiritual/physical enrichment of all seniors
Singles, Widows, and Widowers
Chair: Sis. Kandy Mariano
Co-chair:  Dea. Leonie Bond
Plan & Coordinate activities that Ministers to the fellowship of spiritual enrichment of all singles.
Chair: Trus. Dianne Savoy
Co-Chair: Trus. George Blyther
Church trustees are entrusted with the charge of maintaining the church's property, work with ministries in planning events, approve payment of the church's bills and expenses and provide written reports for regular meetings. 
Chair: Dea. Inez Taylor
Serve as greeters and in-house security personnel for the organized movement of people during worship. 
Prayer Warriors
Prays effectual and fervent prayers consistently on behalf of the church, Pastor, Assistant Pastor, leaders, and the congregation.
Chair: Dea. Robin Shingler
Co-Chair: Sis. DeShawn Hall
Organizes and coordinates spiritually enriching activities for the youth and young adults.
Social Action
Chair: Dea. Jeanette Higginbotham
Private and pubic actions to improve prospects for peace and justice in our community, region, nation, and world.

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